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Product Engineering & Design Services . . .


Advantig is a Product Development Solutions Provider offering both turnkey solutions and customized product design services to entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations.  From concept to finished product we provide graphics design, engineering, mechanical design, research and development, CAD/CAE, testing services, prototypes, custom software and website design.

We have added packaging solutions to our standard services such as: mechanical design and engineering, research and development, testing, project management, production setup and launch support, product models, mechanical prototypes and virtual prototypes and CAD/CAE services using AutoCAD 2002 software. By providing drawings, blueprints or CAD files we enable easy transfer of knowledge at the end of the project. Located in Tampa, Florida, we provide product development engineering & design services  across the country and around the world.

Advantig also provides design and engineering services for mechanical products and software interfaces to improve interaction between humans and technology. Our exclusive HUMAN FIRST™ engineering method helps clients shorten development time, lower production and support costs while increasing product reliability and ease of use. Products aren't successful simply because they are designed and engineered better, easy to use, unique or cost less, they must also be creatively marketed so we help our clients develop marketing strategies, websites, presentations, promotions and training programs. 



All artwork, drawings, blueprints, plans and designs submitted to, or produced by Advantig is required to be in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, service mark, copyright, right of privacy, patent or similar protection. The customer, by submitting a copy or other material, represents that the use by Advantig on the item(s) ordered will not violate any such laws, and Advantig hereby disclaims any and all liability for compliance with such law in the use of the customer's copy or other material.

What this means is: The unauthorized use of patented materials, trademarks and copyrights is illegal. When you place an order using such material, we assume that you have permission. Advantig accepts no liability.









Phone: +1 (813) 419-3547

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